Advanced technology

neuro microscope

Best neuro-microscope available for microscopic brain and spine surgery (Carl Zeiss, Germany)

Neuro ICU

Well equipped neuro ICU for brain haemorrhage, paralysis / accidental injury, infectious brain disorders.

Modular operation theater

Modular operation theater with laminar air flow for sterile environment surgery.

Neuro-Spinal Endoscope

est Neuro-Spinal Endoscope for Endoscopic Brain and Spine Surgery (Richard Wolf, Germany)

diode laser

The best diode laser available for radio frequency ablation to eliminate pain caused by musculoskeletal or neurological disorders. (Biolitech, Germany)

Stereotactic frame

Stereotactic frame available for biopsy of brain tumors or precise removal of abscesses.


During brain tumor surgery, CUSA (Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator) is an advanced technology that is very important to perform surgery without damaging the surrounding healthy cells and without hitting the vital centers.


Real Time Neuronavigation Guided Neurosurgery Facility