Brain Tumours

A cancerous or non cancerous mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain. From cogenital till geratric group, different tumors are present in the brain where an expert and experienced team taking care of management of tumor  required.

  • Here, we are having various modes of treatment for brain tumor.
  • Endoscopic/ key hole surgeries and microscopic surgery- As we do brain surgery from very small hole or key holes very small incision is required. There is very minimal damage to normal brain tissue. Minimal  blood loss . Early recovery of patient 
  • Craniotomy : For large tumors or cancer we need decompression and removal of tumor.
  • • Biopsy surgery : It is done for inoperatable tumor 
  • Pituitary tumor surgery : This is done through transnasal approach. It is sutureless surgery from the nose. Very minimal blood loss.
  • Early recovery. 
  • In trans nasal transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery, a surgical instrument is placed through the nostril and alongside the nasal septum to access a pituitary tumor. This surgery is the most common surgery used to remove a pituitary adenoma.
  • For brain cancer chemotherapy available after biopsy report 

Advanced Technologies for Brain Disease Care

Neuronavigation system


Stereotactic frame


Modular operation theatre

Neuro microscope

Neuro ICU