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What is Brain diseases?

Brain Is master Control, so  brain health is important in our life.Brain disease came in  different form Infection, Trauma, Stroke, Seizure and Tumour ,these are some major categories of brain disease.  

There are numerous services of brain diseases treated in Siddhant hospital



An infection of brain or spinal cord. Neck stiffness, headache, fever, vomiting and altered consciousness is common symptoms.


Due to viral infection

Brain abscess

A cerebral abscess is a pus-filled pocket of infected material in your brain. It is called a brain abscess. An abscess can cause your brain to swell, putting harmful pressure on brain tissue.  


Siddhant hospital is having all type of treatment facilities available for seizures, like

  • •Medical
  • •Surgical treatment 
  • •Physiotherapy
  • •Psychological counselling

and help for recovery of patients. Correct and timely diagnosis, proper treatment and care is important for the management of seizure patients. In refractory seizure brain surgeries required which are available in Siddhant Hospital.

Traumatic Brain injury:

  • Due to crowded population and heavy rate of accident, lot of people are suffering with traumatic brain injuries which may be mild, moderate and severe types. We are having a team to treat all kind of traumatic injuries to brain and also for rehabilitation.
  • •Ortho
  • •Surgery
  • •Plastic surgery
  • •Critical care physician 
  • •Orthodentist 
  • available for all emergency services 24*7

Our Specialized Brain disease  Services

Other Hemorrhagic disease

Other hemorrhagic disease In brain are 
  1. Subdural hemorrhagic 
  2. Epidural hemorrhagic
  3. Subarachnoid hemorrhagic
  4. Intraparenchymal hemorrhagic 

All this need both surgical and medical line of treatment surgical treatment depends upon size of hematoma and is done to reduce intracranial pressure, we Siddhant Hospital doing all surgical evaluation with minimal invasive endoscopic surgery and giving best result to patient.

Other brain diseases like

  1. Autoimmune condition 
    • •Vasculitis –
    • where inflammation of blood vessels of the brain confusion, seizures, headaches and unconsciousness can result
    • •Multiple sclerosis –
    • Yeh immune system mistakenly attack and damage the body’s own nerves muscle spam, weakness are symptoms it may be periodic or steadily progressive
  2. Neurodegenerative condition

    problem with moment and coordinators of the handstiffeness of the limbs and trunk, slowness of moment and unstable posture