Herniated disc

The spine is made up of bone called vertebrae. Disc act like cushion between each bone. When disc become herniated, that means the cushioning has shifted and is bursting out of its casing. This can cause a number of symptoms like back pain ,numbness, pain in the arm and legs, tingling and muscle weakness. The Herniated disc prolapse happens most often in lower back but that can also happen in upper back as well. You can lower the risk of a disc herniation by maintaining a healthy weight, keeping a good posture and exercising.

For Herniated disc now days lots of non invasive or minimal invasive treatment modalities are  available.

  • Pain clinic – Root block, epidural injection and physiotherapy.

It gives pain relife and early recovery 

  • Laser discectomy (PLDD)-Noninvasive, day care procedure with immediate pain relief and affordable 
      • •Endoscopic discectomy- Posterior approch & transforaminal discectomy.
      • Minimal invasive, early recovery, less blood loss.
      • •Microscopic discectomy- Minimal invasive procedure, good recovery and result

As there are newer treatment modalities avalable, patients are gating very good result and recovery.