Dr. Kaustubh.V.Waikar

M.B.B.S.,M.S.General Surgery

D.N.B Neurosurousrgery, Neurosurgeon

The Director and Founder of Siddhant Hospital and Research Centre, began his education at Miraj Medical College. He subsequently pursued studies in U.M.M.E Solapur and Hyderabad. He has undertaken various fellowships and training programs both nationally and internationally to enhance his skills and knowledge in neuro Surgery. He commenced his neuro Surgery career in Kolhapur in 2010. He was the pioneer of neurology department at hospitals in kolhapur.

He was H.O.D And neuro surgeon at neuro surgery Department at

  • Bharathi Hospital, Sangli 
  • Siddhgiri hospital, kaneri math
  • Aster Aadhar Hospital, Kolhapur
  • Apple Saraswati Hospital, Kolhapur

and Many more Hospital in Kolhapur.

Within a short span of time, owing to his remarkable skills, extensive knowledge, and exceptional patient outcomes, he earned a reputation as one of the finest neurosurgeons in Kolhapur. His expertise extends to performing laser and endoscopic neurosurgeries, as well as minimally invasive neurology procedures.

To date, he has successfully conducted intricate neurosurgeries of brain like,

  • Deep-seated brain tumors
  • CP angle tumors
  • Third ventricular colloid cyst tumors
  • Aneurysm coiling and clipping
  • Epilepsy surgery
  • Programmable V.P shunt for hydrocephalus.

Additionally, he has tackled complex brain and spine trauma surgeries.

His mastery encompasses all aspects of spine surgery, with particularly remarkable outcomes in endoscopy and laser spine surgeries.


•MBBS. MS. (General Surgery). Solapur
•DNB (Neurosurgery) – Delhi
•Trained At Yashoda Hospital,Hyderabad.
•Diploma In Neurosurgery (UK.).
•Fellowship In Micro-Neurosurgery-NIMS, Hyderabad.
•Fellowship In Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical
Procedures – NIMS, Hyderabad.
•Trained In Skull Base Surgery At GMC, Hyderabad.
•Trained In Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion & Cervical Disk Arthoplasty At Singapore.
•Trained In Vertebroplasty At GMC, Hyderabad.
•Trained In Cadaveric Workshop For Pituitary Tumour Surgery At GMC, Hyderabad. •Fellowship In Endoscopic Micro-Discectomy &
Neuro -Endoscopy At Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad.
•Trained In Stroke Treatment Modalities At Hongkong.

Domain Of Interest & Expertise

  • Trauma – Head & Spine Injury Polytraum
  • Minimal Invasive Surgeries
    A) Endoscopic Brain Surgery For Pituitary, Deep Seated Tumors, 3rd Ventricular Tumors.
    B) Endoscopic Spine Surgeries-Both
Transforminal & Posteriar
    C) Microlumbar Discectomy (PCLD)
    D) Brain Tumours Surgeries – Micro & Endoscopic
  • Disc Replacement, Vertebroplast
  • Vascular Surgeries Of Brain.

Dr. Anushka.K.Waikar


Physician and Intensivist

The Director of Siddhant Hospital. she is a dedicated full-time critical care physician. She working in I.C U since  last 20 years dedicately and wide experience of treating critical cases in various sectors of medical fields. 

In 2016, she worked Hyderabad as an intensivist in Yashodha  hospital, contributing her expertise to the medical team. In kolhapur she was I.C.U incharge in C.P.R.H and R.C.S.M G.M.C Kolhapur for more than 12 years .

She treated thousands of critical challenging cases starting from 

  • Poisoning
  • Snake bites
  • Cardiac emergencies like myocardial infarctions
  • Respiratory emergencies like pneumonia
  • C.O.P.D
  • All respiratory failures
  • G.I cases like hepatic encephalopathy,
  • Several shock syndrome
  • Nerve failure causes
  • Stroke and its combination
  • G.B.S and many more

“During the epidemic, she worked as the ‘Principal investigator’ in the W.H.O. trial and tested all the drugs on coronavirus patients. The results led to the introduction of ‘Remdesivir’ in the market for patient management. She pioneered the treatment for coronavirus patients, not only in Kolhapur but also universally. The first patient of coronavirus in Kolhapur was also suspected, diagnosed, and treated by Dr. Waikar.”

Her involvement in I.C.U care is ongoing, with her current role as a full-time intensivist at Siddhant Hospital. She specializes in utilizing advanced neuro critical care and medical critical care. In addition to her clinical role.

She is professor of medicin and had done teaching for

  • M.B.B.S.
  • M.D.
  • B.H.M.S.
  • Paramedical
  • Nursing

and many more students ongoing projects are going on regarding research. and I.C.U care.



• Professor Of Medicine
• MBBS-Government Medical College, Miraj – 2000
• MD – Krishna Institute Of Medical Sciences, Karad-2005
• Ex. Assistant Professor – D. Y. Patil Medical College, Kolhapur.
• Ex. Associate Professor – RCSM, GMC, Kolhapur.
• 15 Years Of Extensive Work Experience In ICU.
• Worked As Criticare Specialist In Hyderabad.
• Worked As ICU Incharge In CPR Hospital For 12 Years.
• Worked As U. G. & P. G. Teacher And Examiner.
• Worked As Teacher For CCMP Course.
• Conducted Many Research & Trials.
• Worked As Principle Investigator Of W.H.O.
• Solidarity Trial In Corona Treatment.
• Member Of API, ISCCM, ACP

Domain Of Interest & Expertise

•Trauma And Neurocriticare.
•All Poisoning Management
•Snake Bite, Scorpion Bite, Honey Bee Bite Management
•Acute Stoke Management As Per American Stroke Guideline
•Acute Respiratory Emergencies – Corona, Respiratory
•Viral Infections Like Swine Flu, All Pneumonias & ARDS GBS, Hypertensive Emergencies
•Infectious Disease Management Including HIV
•Diabetic & Endocrine Emergencies – DKA, Thyroid Storm &Crisis, Adrenal Crisis & Shock
•All Shock Syndromes
•Hepatic Encephalopathy & Complications As HPS/HRS
•Acute Kidney Injury & Dilalysis